• Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Here at Busy Little Bees Nursery we strongly believe that it is important to promote a healthy lifestyle right from the start.

We encourage children to play outdoors through our free flow system with lots of opportunities to develop physically and creatively.

Busy Little Bees takes great pride in promoting healthy living, we are dedicated to working in effective partnership with children, parents, carers and the wider community to raise awareness of their well being, health and nutrition.

Snacks and Meals

Promoting healthy living is a big part of Busy Little Bees life as we supply daily snacks, healthy meals and encourage parents to supply a healthy lunch for those who don’t have nurseries own and aim to provide the children with nutritious and well balanced meals. Our menus are provided by Robinson’s Catering. They offer a wide variety of healthy meals which are delivered daily. Snack is offered to the children twice a day, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. This is a choice of fruit or vegetables that is prepared in front of the children. Children also enjoy a drink of milk or water with their snack and are encouraged to select this independently. Water is provided throughout the day in their own cups or bottles. Orange, Apple and Pineapple Juice is offered at the breakfast bar with their cereal and toast.

We are always trying new ways to introduce healthy eating and to make it all fun and exciting to the children. The children enjoy making fruit kebabs, smoothies plus many more. The nurseries provide opportunities for the children to participate in cooking activities. These opportunities are used to allow the children to explore and enjoy food. Children can enjoy learning about different foods, tastes, textures and also foods from other cultures. Snack times and cooking activities provide wonderful opportunities to promote children’s learning and understanding of healthy eating. Adults engage in conversation with children, not only about which foods are good for us, but why they are good for us. We also help encourage the children in understanding their diet, healthy eating and making choices by growing their own fruit and vegetables. This allows them to take part in their meal process.


All staff at Busy Little Bees are trained in food hygiene and first aid. The toys, rooms, kitchens and bathrooms are all cleaned and sterilised regularly and thoroughly. The nurseries are also inspected annually and all meet the standards of Environmental Health.

Hygiene is very important when working with young children. Children wash their hands before eating and baking and after visiting the toilet and sneezing on their hands. We also feel its very important that children understand the importance of looking after their teeth. This is promoted by visits to the local dentist, role playing, books, displays and brushing their teeth after their lunch at nursery. Each child has their own toothbrush kept at nursery for them to clean their teeth after eating.

Physical Activity

Outdoors is essential for young children, for their bodies and their minds. Outdoors they investigate, explore, role play and be creative with open end resources. It allows them to live healthier lifestyles, build confidence, determination, self-awareness and to help learn about the environment.

We like to involve physical activity into our daily routines as much as possible. All children take part in music and movement sessions and go on walks in their local environment. Outdoor resources are provided to encourage physical and creative development. We will sometimes use outside agencies to help promote exercise, for example Baby Zumba and Yogabugs which helps young children to be physical and creative at the same time.

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